PM02100 - 1000KG SHOP CRANE Manufacturers

PM02100 - 1000KG SHOP CRANE

PM02100 - 1000KG SHOP CRANE

1000Kg Shop Crane


* Double acting pump.Heavy duty forged hook.
* Is perfect for professional workshop use.
* 4-lifting position arm: 1000kg-900kg-800kg-700kg
* Designed to accommodate a standard size pallet and features.

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Product Details

Model No PM02100
Capacity 1000 kg
Max.Boom Length 1360 mm
Min. Boom Length 1060 mm
Max. Hook Height 2220 mm
Min. Hook Height 600 mm
Base Width(outside) 950 mm
Base Width(inside) 800 mm
N.W.:/G.W.: 95/101 kg
Package Size 139x99x18 mm
20ft cntr 80pcs
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