PM14403 - 3 TON HYDRAULIC JACKING BEAM Manufacturers



Jacking Beam 3ton with Arm Extenders & Flat Roller Supports


* Features two-stage mechanical safety lock and telescopic finger guards to prevent accidental injury.
* Supplied with two pairs of aluminium support blocks.
* Beam has spring loaded flat arms with roller bearings - when unloaded, these support the weight of the beam, allowing the entire unit to run smoothly along the pit or ramp, but when loaded, they firmly stabilise the unit.
* Optional hook arms supplied.

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Product Details

Hydraulic Jacking Beam 3 ton with arm extenders & flat roller supports.


Model No PM14403
Capacity 3 ton
Support Arm Reach 780-1075 mm
Beam Lift Range 95-300 mm
Load Arm Reach 850-1600 mm
N.W.:/G.W.: 102/112 kg
Package Size 99x49x35 cm
20ft cntr 130pcs
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