Which position should the car tire changing Jack top


The jack for changing tires should be placed under the […]

The jack for changing tires should be placed under the chassis and raised near the wheels

The jack should not be started in a short time. It should be raised at a uniform pace and lowered slowly. When multiple jacks are used at the same time, they shall be operated synchronously. After the operation of the jack, it is necessary to carefully check the oil pressure and hidden danger, and maintain the jack in a proper place.

Jack is a kind of safe and reliable lifting equipment, generally there will be no problems, but there are also the following precautions in use:
1. Generally, the working medium of Jack is yb-n32 hydraulic oil. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ℃, yb-n22 hydraulic oil can be used. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ℃, yb-n46 hydraulic oil can be used.
2. The liquid level of the oil tank shall always be kept at the center line of the oil mark during operation to prevent the oil pump from being emptied. When adding oil, the impurities in the new oil shall be filtered by 120 mesh oil filter. When it is frequently used, clean the oil filter every two months, clean the oil tank every half a year, and replace with new oil at the same time.
3. The normal working temperature of jack oil pump is 10-50 ℃. If the oil temperature is too high, cooling measures shall be taken or the pump shall be stopped; if the oil temperature is too low, heating measures or low-pressure operation shall be taken to improve the oil temperature.
4. Before starting the motor, change the reversing valve to the middle half position. Jog several times to prevent the high-pressure pump from sucking air. The pump can only be used after the air is removed.
5. The working pressure set when the pump leaves the factory shall not be increased arbitrarily.
6. When the high-pressure rubber hose leaves the factory, it shall pass the withstand voltage test of 1.25 times of the rated pressure. Due to the aging of colloid, users should pay attention to regular inspection when using it for a long time, once every half a year. In case of leakage, bulge or explosion during pressure test, it must be replaced. When using, it is necessary to avoid discount and sharp bend, and at the same time, it is not allowed to be too close to the rubber tube, so as to prevent people from being injured by explosion-proof breaking and throwing.
7. The pump shall be maintained once a year. All parts shall be cleaned with kerosene. Pay attention to the protection of the matching surfaces of the jacks. No collision is allowed. After assembly, all moving parts shall move flexibly without local jamming.