What should be paid attention to when using the jack


The main needs are as follows: 1) Before use, check whe […]

The main needs are as follows:
1) Before use, check whether all parts are in good condition and whether the oil is clean. When the safety bolt of hydraulic jack is damaged, or the thread and rack of screw and rack Jack are worn by 20%, it is forbidden to use.
2) The jack shall be set in a flat and solid place and leveled with a pad.
3) The jack must be vertical to the load surface, and the anti-skid cushion shall be added between its top and the contact surface of the heavy object.
4) The jack shall not be overloaded, the handle shall not be extended, and the operation shall not exceed the specified number of people.
5) When in use, no one shall stand in front of the safety bolt.
6) In the process of jacking, a safety cushion shall be added under the heavy object along with the lifting of the heavy object, and the heavy object shall be padded firmly in time after reaching the jacking height.
7) When two or more jacks are used to lift an object at the same time, the total lifting capacity of the jack shall not be less than twice of the load. When jacking, special personnel shall be assigned for unified command to ensure that the jacking speed and force of each jack are basically the same.
8) The jacking height of hydraulic jack shall not exceed the limit mark line; the jacking height of screw and rack jack shall not exceed 3 / 4 of the height of screw or rack.
9) The jack shall not bear the load for a long time without care.
10) The lowering speed of the jack must be slow, and it is strictly prohibited to make it drop suddenly with load.