What kind of car service lift?


Scissors Scissor lift is a kind of special equipment fo […]

Scissor lift is a kind of special equipment for aerial work. Its scissor type mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide working platform and high bearing capacity after lifting, which makes the scope of high-altitude work larger and suitable for many people to work at the same time. It makes aerial work more efficient and safer. It is a widely used lifting equipment for aerial work.
Sleeve type
The jacketed elevator is a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder rising vertically, with high-strength material and good mechanical properties. The tower ladder shaped protective frame makes the lifting platform more stable. Even at a height of 20 meters, you can feel its superior stability. It is mainly used for the installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, overhead pipes, etc., and the high-altitude work of single person such as high-altitude cleaning.
Aluminum alloy
It is made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, stable lifting, safety and reliability. Its lightweight appearance can give full play to the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. The column lifting system is characterized by large load, strong stability, large platform area and convenient implementation.
Curved arm type
The curved arm elevator is a new product of the folding arm elevator. It can be used for overhanging operation, crossing certain obstacles or lifting at one place. It can be used for multi-point operation. It can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and carry certain equipment with 360 degree rotation. The lifting platform has good mobility and convenient transfer site.
Chain type
The guide rail chain elevator is a kind of non scissor type hydraulic lifting platform, which is used for the transportation of goods in industrial plants, restaurants and restaurants above the second floor. Because the minimum height is only 150-300 mm, it is most practical in the workplace where the pit cannot be excavated. At the same time, it does not need to adjust the point on the upper part. It has various forms (single column, double column and four column). It has stable action, simple and reliable operation, hydraulic and electrical goods The transmission is economical and easy.