What is the bumper at the end of workshop crane beam


It's a crane block. Effect: The function of steel struc […]

It's a crane block.
The function of steel structure bumper is to prevent the crown block from sliding on the track and prevent accidents.
The weight of the gear used by different cranes is different. In short, the weight is within 300kg.
The crane beam is a beam, which is mounted on the bracket of the column, supported by the track, on which the wheels of the crane walk. The crane has its own brake system. The crane beam has no braking coefficient. But there's a barrier system up there. After that, the wheel could not go any more and was blocked. The barrier system is a tripod.
The bumper is a kind of safety protection device to prevent accidents, not a brake device. Therefore, when using the crown block, the crown block shall not collide with the block at will, so as to avoid damaging and manufacturing unsafe factors.