What are the types of truck cranes?


There are many kinds of truck cranes, and their classif […]

There are many kinds of truck cranes, and their classification methods are different, mainly including:
1. Classification by lifting capacity:
Light truck crane (lifting capacity less than 5 tons)
Medium truck crane (lifting capacity 5-15 tons)
Heavy truck crane (lifting capacity 5-50t)
Super heavy truck crane (lifting capacity over 50 tons)
Due to the use requirements, its lifting capacity has a trend of improvement, such as the production of 50-1200 tons of large truck crane.
2. According to the type of outrigger:
Frog legs: small span, only suitable for small tonnage cranes;
X-type outrigger: X-type outrigger is easy to slip and seldom used;
H-type outrigger: H-type outrigger can achieve a large span and has obvious advantages for the stability of the whole machine. Therefore, H-type outrigger is widely used in hydraulic truck cranes produced in China.
3. According to the transmission mode of the transmission device:
mechanical drive
Electric drive
Hydraulic transmission
4. According to the slewing range of the lifting device on the horizontal plane (i.e. the slewing range of the turntable):
Full rotary truck crane (turntable can rotate 360 °)
Non full swing truck crane (turntable return angle is less than 270 °).
5. According to the structure of the boom:
Folding boom
Telescopic boom
Truss crane.