What are the maintenance tools in the garage


1、 Make tool: most of the following tools are used to m […]

1、 Make tool: most of the following tools are used to make simple components
① Marking tool ② filing tool ③ cutting tool ④ scraping tool ⑤ grinding tool ⑥ straightening and bending tool
2、 Disassembly tools:
① Spanner (movable, open-ended, plum blossom, internal angle, torque, puller, etc.), ② lifting tool (word, cross, electric drill, etc.), ③ clamping tool (vice, drill chuck, V-shaped iron, etc.)
3、 Fixture: These are not technically classified. A clamp can also be defined as a clamp from a certain angle
① Special clamp, ② non special clamp (2 pieces of wood pressing and pressing can also be called clamp)
4、 Measuring tools (rules): in a broad sense, they are scale and so on, which can be divided according to different precision
① Ordinary measuring tools, ② precision measuring tools, ③ special measuring tools
For example: vernier caliper, level gauge, thickness gauge, internal and external card
5、 Auxiliary tools: Jack, welding equipment, various lathes, etc