What are the auto repair tools?


There are general tools such as hammer, driver, pliers, […]

There are general tools such as hammer, driver, pliers, spanner, etc. and special tools commonly used in automobile repair such as spark plug socket, piston ring handling pliers, valve spring handling pliers, grease gun, Jack, etc.
Introduction: vehicle repair tools
The vehicle repair tool is the necessary material condition for the maintenance of the vehicle. Its function is to complete various operations inconvenient for the vehicle repair machinery. In the repair work, whether the tool is used correctly or not is of great significance to improve the work efficiency and the repair quality of the car. Therefore, the repairman must be familiar with the maintenance knowledge of the common tools and tools for automobile repair.

There are many kinds of pliers. Lithium fish pliers and pointed nose pliers are commonly used in automobile repair. Carp tongs: hold flat or cylindrical parts by hand, with a cutting edge to cut off metal. When using, wipe the grease on the pliers to avoid slipping during operation. After clamping the parts, bend or twist them; when clamping large parts, enlarge the jaw. Do not use pliers to turn bolts or nuts. Pointed nose pliers: used to hold parts in a narrow place.