What are the advantages of small lifting platform?


The small lifting platform, especially the scissor type […]

The small lifting platform, especially the scissor type, is a new type of climbing product in recent years. Because of its small table size, small occupation area and one side extension of the table
The advantages of shrinkage are widely welcomed by all kinds of enterprises, and it can also work across obstacles, and the load is also very large. It can work at high altitude in a narrow space
In addition, the platform is equipped with up, down, forward and backward buttons, and the equipment is equipped with control handle and intelligent display screen, which is very simple to operate
Convenient, hydraulic system is also very stable, quality assurance, safety! Here are the advantages of a small lifting platform:

1. The table top is micro and suitable for special goods;

2. It is light and easy to move back and forth;

3. It complies with en1570 standard and ANSI / ASME safety standard;

4. The power supply components are imported, which are safe and durable;

5. The lifting platform is equipped with 24V low-voltage control box with up and down buttons and stop buttons, which saves time and labor;

6. Our company The paint baking process of the company is not only environmentally friendly but also beautiful;

7. There is an overweight reminder to avoid accidents caused by overloading;

8. There is a safety device under the table, which will stop the falling immediately in case of obstacles;

9. Heavy oil cylinder with return device and check valve to prevent the table from falling when the oil pipe bursts;

10. Scissor type structure with reasonable space setting to avoid pinch injury The emergence of problems.