Verification method of Jack


Hydraulic jack is to use the pressure of oil to lift th […]

Hydraulic jack is to use the pressure of oil to lift the piston to achieve the purpose of force. Equipment required for inspection of jack of reaction frame: Press
1. Jack calibration is carried out by means of jacking machine. Place the jack on the working platform of the testing machine stably and center it in place.
2. Start the oil pump of the press, make its working piston rise, and make the working platform where the jack is placed out of the press track.
3. Adjust the reading plate of the press to zero, and record the reading of the jack pressure gauge (as the initial reading).
4. Start the jack oil pump, make the jack piston rise and contact with the upper pressing plate of the testing machine, load it to the maximum load to be calibrated by the jack at a constant speed, and then unload it.
5. Formal calibration: load by stages, usually according to the required load level, or according to the same load level. The oil pump of the jack is loaded at a constant speed, and the loading level is controlled by the pressure machine dial. The corresponding reading value is recorded on the pressure gauge of the jack for each additional level of load. Respectively load until the maximum load of the jack is required to be calibrated, stop loading, and then unload.
Verification results of reaction frame:
1. Whether the jack works normally and can meet the maximum load value required in use.
2. The load values at all levels that need to be calibrated by the press to control the jack shall be recorded on the pressure gauge of the jack, and the reading values corresponding to this level of load shall be used for the forming of the high-pressure test piece, the measurement of the compressive strength of the test piece, and the verification and measurement system of the jack force values shall be composed of.