Under the cover of the automobile machine, what is the small plastic used to fix the support rod?


The small plastic used to fix the support rod is called […]

The small plastic used to fix the support rod is called the cover support rod buckle.
The buckle of the cover stay rod is generally fixed on the front wall of the car or the water tank frame, which is used to fix the stay rod so that it does not move.
Generally speaking, to open the front cover of the air vehicle, it is necessary to place the cover strut buckle in the hole at the upper left corner to fix the front cover of the vehicle, so as to check the engine compartment fault easily.

Extended data:
Engine cover removal:
Open the engine cover and cover it on the vehicle body with soft cloth to prevent damage to the finish paint; remove the nozzle and hose of windshield washer from the engine cover; mark the hinge position on the engine cover for future installation; remove the fixing bolts between the engine cover and the hinge, and prevent the engine cover from sliding after the bolts are removed.
Installation and adjustment of engine cover:
The engine cover shall be installed in the reverse order of removal. Before tightening the fixing bolts of the engine cover and the hinge, adjust the front and rear left and right of the engine cover, or adjust the upper and lower contents of the engine cover by means of the hinge gasket and buffer rubber to make the gap fit evenly.
Adjustment of hood lock control mechanism:
Before adjusting the engine cover lock, correct the engine cover, loosen the fixing bolts, move the lock head forward and backward, left and right to align it with the lock seat. The front Rui of the engine cover can also be adjusted by the height of the lock head dovetail bolt.