Tire changer use process


First, the preparation work: 1) Turn on the power and a […]

First, the preparation work:
1) Turn on the power and air supply to the machine.
2) Perform the debugging operation. Press the left pedal and the chuck rotates clockwise; press the right pedal to disassemble the shovel action, release the shovel and return the shovel to return to the original step, the claw on the chuck opens, and then Step on the claws and close them.
3) Release the air inside the tire and remove all the weights.

Second, dismantle the tires:
1) Disassemble the fetal lip and place the tire on the right side of the disassembled tire. The tire rests on the rubber support plate, and the disassembly shovel is pressed on the bead, about 1 cm away from the edge of the rim. Press the right pedal to remove the shovel action. Repeat the above actions on both sides of the tire until the bead is completely detached.
2) Place the tire on the chuck of the tyre changer. Apply grease or similar lubrication to the bead (to prevent tire wear).
3) Step on the middle pedal and catch the rim. The tires are locked in the following ways according to the specified size.
The outer wheel locking method; the intermediate pedal is stepped to the middle position, and the claw is positioned according to the reference scale on the chuck. Place the tire on the jaws and hold the rim and step on the middle pedal until it clicks.

4) After confirming that the rim is firmly stuck, put down the pressure bar, make the head of the bead disassemble to the upper edge of the rim, turn the locking handle, lock the horizontal and heavy straight arms, and automatically remove the disassembly head from the rim by about 2mm. . Insert the crowbar into the front end of the bead disassembly head and use the crowbar to peel off the tire lip.
5) Keep the crowbar in the same position, press the left pedal to rotate the chuck clockwise until the tire is completely separated from the rim and lift the tire up. In the same way, the other side of the bead is completely separated from the rim; the tire is removed.
6) Remove the inner tube and lift the tire up so that the other side is separated from the outer rim.