Tire changer maintenance and cultivation


Maintenance and cultivation In order to extend the serv […]

Maintenance and cultivation
In order to extend the service life of the machine, maintenance should be carried out regularly according to the requirements of the manual, otherwise the reliability of the work will be affected.
1) Before performing any maintenance work, the machine's power and air supply must be disconnected, and then the pedal should be pressed 3 to 4 times to remove residual compressed air from the machine.
2) Damaged parts must be replaced by qualified service personnel with spare parts supplied by the manufacturer.
3) Clean the chuck once a week with diesel to prevent dust accumulation and lubricate the jaws and guide rails.
4) After using the machine for 20 days, re-fasten the fixing screws on the chuck and claws.
5) If the turning force of the chuck is not enough, the tension of the belt may be insufficient. Loosen the screws on the left side panel of the fuselage, remove the side panels, loosen the two screws securing the motor, adjust the distance between the bracket and the motor base, tension the drive belt, and then tighten the screws.
6) The cantilever does not lock or disassemble the bottom surface of the head. When the distance from the rim does not meet the requirements (2mm), the cantilever locking plate should be adjusted.
7) In order to make the cylinders of the claws and the dismounting shovel reliable and reliable, the control valve connected to them should be kept clean and can be maintained as follows:

1 Remove the 6 screws on the left side of the fuselage and remove the side plates. 2 Release the valve body on the claw opening, closing or cylinder control pedal: 3 Clean the dirt on the valve body with compressed air, if it is damaged It should be replaced.
8) Check and maintain the oil mist tank and oil level once a month. If you need to add oil, you can directly unscrew the lower end of the oil mister to fill the oil. Do not inject too much oil to avoid spillage.