The maintenance of the rail type lifting platform


The maintenance of the guide rail type lifting platform […]

The maintenance of the guide rail type lifting platform. After the installation of each guide rail type lifting platform, the installation master should introduce to friends how to maintain the machine and increase the maintenance time of the machine.

1. Built in pump station: raise the platform to a proper height, turn off the power supply, turn on the power supply, and press the down switch to release the system residual pressure caused by the self weight. Only when the safety is ensured can the following steps be started.
2. Clean all pipe joints, pump and motor joints, oil drain plug, air filter at the top of oil tank and oil drain plug at the bottom and around. Sometimes it is necessary to raise the hydraulic pump station to facilitate oil discharge.
3. Open the air filter and oil drain plug at the bottom of the oil tank, so that all the old oil flows into the oil barrel containing the waste oil.
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4. Open the filler cap of the oil tank, and check whether the residual oil at the corner contains metal powder or other impurities. Clean the oil tank thoroughly, first clean it with diesel oil twice
5. This step is operated by professionals. Remove the following oil pipes: remove the oil pipes in the oil return circuit. Remove the oil inlet line of the hydraulic pump.
6. Carefully check whether there are impurities such as iron chips in the oil pipe and valve parts, so as to understand the wear of parts in the system.
7. Drain the old oil in the oil cylinder and clean the bottom of the oil cylinder.
8. Install the removed oil pipe. Before installing each oil pipe, it is necessary to clean the pipe joint again.
9. First install the oil filter element, then open the new oil barrel, use the oil filter to inject the new oil into the oil tank, add the oil to the upper limit of the oil mark, and cover the oil filler cap.
10. Return to the safe position, turn on the power and press the up key.
11. Repeat lifting several times, observe whether the platform operates normally, and end the oil change.
The above is about the maintenance of the rail type lifting platform. For other information about the rail type lifting platform, please pay attention to us.