The jacking height of the jack shall not exceed the effective jacking distance.


The jack-up height of jacking operation Jack should not […]

The jack-up height of jacking operation Jack should not cross the effective Jack to lift large objects (e.g. big girders) separately, one end should rise and fall, the other end must be padded, padded and stabilized, and the jack should not be overloaded. The Jack should not be started in a hurry, should rise at a uniform pace, and be slower when falling. When the platform jack is used at the same time, the synchronous operation of the jack should be completed, and efforts should be made to reflect on the oil pressure and hidden dangerous environment.

The main motion is a movement that plays a major role in stripping off excess materials from the workpiece blank. It can cause twisting motion (such as turning) and linear motion (such as planing on the planer in Longmen), so that the torsion movement (such as milling and drilling) or linear motion (such as cutting and broaching) can be carried out. The movement carried on, such as the movement of the sliding plate along the machine tool guideway when turning the outer circle; the cutting-in motion is the movement that makes the tool cut into the necessary depth outside the workpiece, and its influence is to cut the material with the necessary thickness from the outside of the workpiece in each cutting stroke, such as the lateral cutting-in motion of the rack when turning the outer circle.
According to the processing accuracy, it can be divided into popular precision machine tool, detailed machine tool and high precision machine tool.
Help movement mainly includes fast approaching and exiting of tools or workpieces, adjusting the position of machine parts, workpiece indexing, frame rotation, feeding and clamping, starting, changing speed, commutation, completion and automatic conversion, etc. Motion processing accuracy includes dimension accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy, external quality and accuracy maintenance efficiency of machine tools, which involves cutting time and help. Time-saving, automation level and reliability of machine tools