Requirements for pit of fixed landing bridge and its installation steps


I'm sure you are not unfamiliar with the fixed landing […]

I'm sure you are not unfamiliar with the fixed landing bridge. In some special environments and places, we must use it. Today, we have a basic understanding of the fixed landing bridge. Let's talk about the requirements of the fixed landing bridge for the pit and its installation steps.

Requirements for pit of fixed boarding bridge
1. Pit size: 1650mm long, 1350mm wide and 420mm deep.
2. Equipment size: 160mm long, 1300mm wide and 400mm deep.
3. Concrete pouring: 200mm at the bottom and 150mm around.
4. The diagonals of the rectangular surface of the pit shall be equal.
5. The pit wall shall be vertical and the pit bottom shall be horizontal.
6. The pit shall be waterproof and dry for a long time.
7. The foundation bolt holes shall not be left in the construction pit, and iron expansion bolts shall be used for fixing during installation.

Installation procedure of fixed landing Bridge
1. Dig a pit first.
2. Dig the lead hole and embed the wire (wrapped with PVC or steel pipe) in the center of the pit tail.
3. Weld the anchor pin to the inner surface of angle steel, and the pit triangle shall be wrapped with angle steel.
4. The bottom layer of the pit is paved with crushed sand, and the upper layer is reinforced concrete.
5. Both sides of the pit must be firmly connected with the steel mesh in civil engineering by using mesh reinforcement, and pay attention to the spacing.
6. Cement pouring, reserved angle steel position, embedded anti-collision block thick steel plate.
7. Secondary pouring, angle steel fixing and pit construction are completed.
8. Place the fixed hydraulic landing bridge in the pit, and connect the platform with the pit through expansion bolts and welding.
The above is about the relevant introduction of "requirements for pit and installation steps of fixed boarding bridge".