Requirements for lifting height of mobile lifting platform


Everyone is familiar with the mobile lifting platform, […]

Everyone is familiar with the mobile lifting platform, which provides convenience for everyone's work and is used in many industries. What are the requirements for the lifting height of the mobile lifting platform.

The height of the mobile lifting platform is generally from 3 meters to more than 20 meters. If you want to buy it, please consult with the lift manufacturer's staff to let the staff decide how many meters you need to order according to your site requirements. In addition, you can go to the website to check the relevant parameters of the mobile lifting platform products to consider the height.
The lifting height of the fixed hydraulic elevator is between 2-11 meters, that of the vehicle mounted, self-propelled and mobile elevator is between 1.2-16 meters, that of the aluminum alloy elevator is between 1.3-24 meters, and that of the guide rail elevator is between 1.5-14 meters.
In general, when the load is not very large, it can stand two people or two tons of fixed type, which can help everyone to rise to this height. But the biggest problem is that when planting 10 tons, it is difficult to raise the hydraulic elevator, and further analysis is needed according to the situation. Finally, the manufacturer of the hydraulic goods elevator said that the hydraulic goods elevator can be raised. There is an aluminum alloy lifting platform with light self weight, so it will be very convenient to move, up to 18 meters.