Notes for Mobile Lift Operation


Mobile elevator, its working principle is the use of hy […]

Mobile elevator, its working principle is the use of hydraulic elevator plus electronic integrated controller. While lifting conveniently, the height can be adjusted in time. The general lifts are equipped with anti-slip insulating plastic water corrugated board to prevent danger, easy to replace and beautiful overall. There is no need to work as hard as lifting a ladder by hand. It really realizes safety and speed!Save time and effort! However, the operation of mobile elevators is also a lot to pay attention to, Xiaobian tells you:
1. Before using the mobile elevator, it is necessary to make no-load landing to check whether the hydraulic system is normal.
2. Every mobile elevator must stretch out four legs before use and correct the degree before it can be used to ensure tranquility.
3. In order to ensure tranquility, it is preferable to have fewer people standing (or not standing) on both sides of the mobile elevator in case of accidents.
4. The load of the platform shall not be greater than the rated value and shall not be shaken artificially and violently.
5. Usually, oil holes in axle shafts must be lubricated before each use.
6. In order to ensure the service life of the mobile elevator and accept the operation and custody of the special person as far as possible, any non-electrical professional staff should not disassemble and assemble electrical appliances at will to prevent unexpected disturbances.
7. After the mobile elevator is finished, all parts of the elevator should be scrubbed clean, and when not in operation, the work table should be lowered to ** position, so as to avoid the appearance of the piston rod rusting.
Above seven points, you must remember that the working principle of mobile elevator is very simple and fast, reducing unnecessary troubles for many enterprises, so we must pay attention to operational matters.