Manual Hydraulic Shear Platform Vehicle


Manual hydraulic shear platform car has the following c […]

Manual hydraulic shear platform car has the following characteristics: suitable for long-distance transportation; can add pedals and protective devices; light weight, easy to start pumps; unique caster design to ensure safety; ergonomic handle design to make operators operate comfortably.
Manual scissors carrier: rated load (kg) 1000; minimum height of fork (mm): 85; maximum height of fork (mm): 810; length of fork (mm): 1220; total width of fork (mm): 550; diameter of small wheel (mm): 74 * 50; diameter of large wheel (mm): 180 * 50; weight (kg): 112;

Manual Hydraulic Stacker Platform Vehicle
The starting system of the manual hydraulic stacker platform vehicle is divided into foot pedal and manual control for selection, and the operation is simple. Vehicle models are divided into fixed and mobile forks, common legs and cross-horse legs of a variety of options. It is very suitable for warehouse, supermarket and retail merchandise placement and extraction.
Fixed type:
Rated load (kg): 1000; lifting height (mm): 1600; load center C (mm): 600; minimum height of fork h (mm): 90; length of fork L (mm): 1100; maximum width of fork (mm): 550; rising speed (mm/time): 25; falling speed: controllable; self-weight (kg): 230;
Load: 500/1000/1500KG; Increase: 2.5 meters; Size (mm): 1400X740X1880; Fork length: 870mm; Fork width: 740mm; Fork minimum height: 95mm; Self-weight: 265/290/320KG;
Manual hydraulic platform truck has solved the trouble of small-scale extracts and handling equipment for many well-known international manufacturing, third-party logistics and retail industries. It has improved the storage efficiency of enterprises in an all-round way, improved the material circulation efficiency and reduced the cost of material handling. It has become the most popular small-scale material handling and storage in China. One of the equipments.