Manual Hydraulic Platform Vehicle


Manual hydraulic platform car is a small lifting machin […]

Manual hydraulic platform car is a small lifting machine, mainly used for small-scale lifting, object extraction, placement, but also for handling small valuables.
The product has elegant appearance, firm structure, stability, safety and reliability, and its intrinsic performance and service life have reached the advanced level of the same equipment.
At present, the mainstream of the market is hydraulic drive. Because of its compact size, mobile convenience is widely used in logistics transportation, warehouse management, libraries, supermarkets, and general small equipment manufacturing industry.
Manual hydraulic platform vehicle can be divided into manual hydraulic transport platform vehicle, manual hydraulic stacking platform vehicle and manual hydraulic shear platform vehicle.

Manual Hydraulic Platform Vehicle
Manual hydraulic platform car is made of high strength steel. Its design is reasonable, safe, stable and reliable. It has built-in safety valve, fully sealed cylinder, and manual control of hydraulic system lifting and lowering. It is easy to operate. It is equipped with nylon guide wheel to save the operator's physical strength and protect the wheel and pallet wheel. Unique hydraulic pump design, easy to start pump for pipeline loading and unloading operation to maintain an ideal height and design; coupled with unique ergonomic design, so that operators operate comfortably.
Manual hydraulic platform truck has novel design, reasonable mechanism and convenient use. It is suitable for loading, unloading, handling and stacking of barrels in factories, workshops, warehouses and oil depots. It is especially suitable for chemical industry, food workshop to pour materials or mix ingredients. It can also be used for loading and unloading trucks, stacking heavy goods and hydraulic drum handling trucks. It can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers. It can also be refitted for loading and unloading, lifting heavy goods. It is a new ideal multi-purpose lifting and unloading machine.