Light and convenient lifts


Many customers want to buy lightweight and convenient l […]

Many customers want to buy lightweight and convenient lifts. Aluminum alloy lifts are called lightweight and convenient lifts because of their small size, light weight, flexible operation and easy implementation. At the same time, the aluminium alloy elevator not only has a lightweight appearance, but also plays an important role in lifting capacity in a very small space. It is also stable, safe and reliable. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theatres, exhibition halls and other places, is the best safety companion for the maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, lighting, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance purposes.
Single-column aluminium alloy elevator is very light in aluminium alloy elevator. This series of elevators are widely used in indoors, such as large hotels, supermarkets and other industries in the lobby, factory buildings, high-altitude operations, single-column aluminium alloy elevator into the general hall, can enter and exit the elevator at will, and less power consumption, pollution-free, work without injury to the ground. Face, can be used for wall work and detection work, work without dead angle. Single pillar aluminium alloy electric elevator is equipped with gantry straddle accessories, especially suitable for the maintenance of theatres, auditoriums, etc. The gantry straddle is easy to assemble, easy to operate and flexible to move. It can span obstacles such as fixed seats up to 1.1m in height and work steadily on steps. The high strength rectangular steel tube is made with good rigidity and stability. Equipped with universal casters, flexible and mobile. The span of the two end frames is adjustable, which can be applied to the requirements of crossing different obstacles. The two end frames are vertically adjustable and can be used for working on slopes or steps with a certain gradient.
Single-column aluminium alloy elevator is called lightweight and convenient because of its above characteristics.