Lifting Platform and Fixed Lifting Platform in Industry


Lifting platforms in industry: According to the differe […]

Lifting platforms in industry:
According to the different structure of lifting platform: scissors lifting platform, lifting platform, sleeve lifting platform, lifting arm lifting platform, folding arm lifting platform.
According to different mobile methods, there are fixed lifting platform, traction lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting platform and driving lifting platform.
4.1 Fixed Lifting Platform
It is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application scope, which is mainly used for cargo transportation between production line height difference; material on-line and off-line; workpiece height adjustment during assembly; high feeder feeding; parts Lifting during assembly of large equipment; large machine tool feeding and unloading; warehousing and unloading places and forklift trucks to support rapid loading and unloading of cargo, etc. 。 According to the requirements of use, accessories can be configured and assembled arbitrarily, such as safety protection device of fixed lifting platform, electrical control mode, working platform form, power form, etc. Correct selection of various configurations can maximize the function of lifting platform and achieve the best use effect.
Fixed lifting platforms are optionally equipped with manual hydraulic power, movable turning plates, rolling or motorized rollers which are convenient to overlap with peripheral facilities, safety contacts to prevent foot rolling, organ-type safety shield, manned or motorized rotary workbench, hydraulic overturning workbench, safety support rod to prevent the landing of lifting platforms, stainless steel safety net, electric or hydraulic lifting platforms from moving. Force system, universal ball table.