Installation and wiring skills of hydraulic lifting platform


The start of hydraulic lifting platform needs to be sta […]

The start of hydraulic lifting platform needs to be started by motor, so how to connect the travel switch contactor of lifting platform? Hua Nan Junye tells you that the contactor is selected according to the current of the motor of the lifting platform. You can stop the motor with the normally closed travel switch. If you have to stop the motor with the normally open travel switch, you need to add an intermediate relay. After the normally open and closed travel switch, connect the intermediate relay. The intermediate relay is closed due to power on, so that the intermediate relay can be closed The normally closed contact of the relay is disconnected, so as to cut off the power supply of the whole circuit for the purpose of stopping.

If there is no special requirement, it is better to use the normally closed travel switch to stop the motor, use the button switch to start the motor, and use the travel switch to stop the motor.
The limit switch of the hydraulic elevator is the key part of the elevator equipment. When the equipment rises to the designated height, it controls the stop. When the hydraulic elevator is frequently used or used for a long time, it will age and fail; the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder is also limited by strict standards. When the limit switch fails, it will rise a little, and when the stroke of the cylinder reaches the limit, the elevator will stop rising.