Hydraulic lifting platform


Hydraulic lifting platform The hydraulic lifting platfo […]

Hydraulic lifting platform
The hydraulic lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting and loading machinery. The hydraulic lifting platform is divided into four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, automobile modified lifting platform, hand-pushing lifting platform, hand-operated lifting platform, AC/DC lifting platform, and battery-mounted lifting platform. The lifting height ranges from 1 meter to 30 meters.
basic introduction
The hydraulic lifting platform can be customized according to user requirements. It is used in high-altitude operations and maintenance of factories, automatic warehouses, parking lots, municipalities, terminals, buildings, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, petroleum, chemical, hotels, stadiums, industrial and mining, enterprises. The lifting platform lifting system is driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform.
The hydraulic lifting platform is suitable for various industrial enterprises and production lines such as automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling, etc. It can be equipped with various types of countertops (such as balls, rollers, turntables, steering, tipping, telescopic). With various control methods (transfer, linkage, explosion-proof), it has the characteristics of stable and accurate lifting, frequent starting, and heavy load, which effectively solves the difficulties of various lifting operations in industrial enterprises and makes production operations easy.