How to use some common jacks equipped with household cars


A car will be equipped with a lot of common on-board to […]

A car will be equipped with a lot of common on-board tools as standard, among which the jack is a relatively important tool. Today, we will explain the use methods of several common jacks equipped with the family car.

1 fix the car completely and then support the car
This is very important. If the vehicle is not completely fixed before supporting, it is likely to slide down due to vehicle sliding during the supporting process.

The correct operation mode is:
1. Pull up the handbrake on the model with manual gear, and at the same time put the transmission into the first gear or reverse gear (don't forget to start again); the model with automatic gear also pulls up the handbrake, and the transmission is put into the P position.
2. Put the jack under the vehicle for lifting operation.
Because the jack of a household car often supports a wheel independently, if it is parked on a sloping ground, the relative position of the jack with the car body may have an angle change after it is raised, and the angle change will be greater on a slope with a larger angle, which is easy to slip or damage. If the fault happens to be on a slope, it is recommended to block the wheels with tools such as bricks or wood to prevent them from sliding.

2. The soft pavement should be used with the base plate

Before supporting the vehicle, if the vehicle can still move, try to find a flat and solid ground support.

If the vehicle breaks down on the uneven ground, before using the jack, it is necessary to pad a larger area of support, such as bricks, boards, etc., to reduce the pressure and avoid danger.

Jack must be used on a hard and flat road. If it is a soft ground, such as mud road or sand road, it is recommended to use wood or stone pad under the jack before using the jack to reduce the pressure, so as to prevent the jack from falling into the soft ground.

3 be sure to support on the supporting point of the chassis

When using the jack, it must be supported on the special support point of the body chassis. The support point of the household car is usually on the inside of the side skirt, like the two fins on both sides of the chassis, about 20cm behind the front wheel and 20cm in front of the rear wheel. The fin protrudes from the steel plate of the chassis and can withstand relatively large pressure. If the jack is not operated in the correct way, it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis if it is supported on the steel plate of the chassis. In addition, it is also incorrect to support it on the lower swing arm of the suspension. If the jack slips and the vehicle falls down, the chassis and the jack will be damaged.

4 lift steadily

The jack rocker arm of many domestic vehicles is of split structure, which needs to be rotated after being linked with the matching spanner and sleeve. Therefore, in the process of lifting the jack, the force should be even, and it should not be too fast or too strong.

5 use tires for insurance

Finally, it should be reminded that the use of such on-board jack is only to support the regular replacement of tires or check the suspension, which can not replace the lift to carry out large-scale maintenance work. It is strictly prohibited to lean the body or arm under the body, and the danger outweighs the loss.

Another experience is recommended. After the jack is fully lifted, you can put the spare tire or the removed tire under the car body to make a temporary insurance. Even if the jack has problems, it will not cause greater losses.