How to Maintain Hydraulic Jack


Hydraulic jack is a kind of widely used lifting equipme […]

Hydraulic jack is a kind of widely used lifting equipment with compact structure and stable working performance. If it is maintained normally, its service life will be very long. How to maintain it? Experts have the following views:
First, pay attention to the correct use of methods. When using the jack, we should pay attention to the bottom must be stable and flat, not to tilt, otherwise not only can not play the role of the jack, but also for the performance of the jack is a damage. At the same time, if the bottom area is too small, then the clean board can be properly used to expand its bearing area of gravity, so as to ensure the safe use of the jack equipment. Tianjin Jack manufacturer reminds us that when choosing wooden board, we should pay attention not to let its surface be contaminated with oil stains and other impurities. At the same time, we should also pay attention to that when we can't find wooden board, we can't replace it with iron plate, because the iron plate is slippery and easy to slide in operation, which is not conducive to lifting.
Secondly, when using jacks, we should pay attention not to overload. When lifting, we should ensure that the jacks are in a steady state. During the lifting process, we should continue to observe whether there are any abnormal conditions. If all normal conditions do not appear shaking, we can continue to operate. In this process, we need to remind you. Don't lengthen the handle at will or work too hard. When using engineering jacks, there must be a special person to command beside them, so as to ensure safety, especially when several jacks work together, we should pay attention to the appropriate spacing between adjacent jacks. Be able to use appropriate wood blocks to support, otherwise it is easy to slide.