How to classify industrial casters


Casters in automobile industry, medical industry, food […]

Casters in automobile industry, medical industry, food industry, textile industry, furniture industry, shopping cart industry, airport industry and so on. Industrial casters are widely used.
1. The medical caster is a special caster to meet the special requirements of the hospital, such as light weight, flexible steering, large elasticity, special ultra quiet, good wear resistance, anti winding and chemical corrosion resistance.
2. Industrial caster mainly refers to a kind of caster product used in factories or mechanical equipment. It can be made of advanced imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane and rubber. The whole product has high impact resistance and strength.
3. Supermarket casters are specially developed to meet the moving needs of supermarket shelves and the needs of shopping cart.
4. Furniture caster is a kind of special caster produced to meet the needs of low center of gravity and high load.

Classification by actual use:
1. Industrial caster: namely, industrial wheel, divided into industrial rubber wheel, industrial rubber and plastic wheel, industrial PU wheel, etc., including light industrial wheel, heavy industrial wheel, etc.
2. Castors can be divided into civil castors and industrial castors according to their uses; light castors, medium castors, heavy castors, extra heavy castors and special castors according to their loads; universal castors, directional castors, screw castors, brake castors (double brake castors, Eagle stand castors), shock absorption castors according to their functions; conductive castors, iron core castors, plastic castors, stainless steel castors according to their materials Steel caster, high temperature resistant caster, polyurethane caster, Nylon Caster, Rubber Caster, all iron caster, etc. According to the bearing, it can be divided into bearing caster, needle roller caster, etc.
3. Nylon wheel: including Nylon Caster, nylon gear, plastic nylon wheel, Pu nylon wheel, iron core nylon wheel, nylon forklift wheel, etc.
4. Cardan wheel: including nylon Cardan wheel, Pu Cardan wheel, rubber Cardan wheel, etc.
5. Polyurethane wheel (PU wheel): iron core PU wheel, nylon PU wheel, plastic core PU wheel, aluminum alloy PU wheel, sliding plate PU wheel, driving PU wheel, polyurethane forklift wheel, Pu damping caster, etc.
6. Rubber wheel: industrial rubber wheel, Nanjing wheel, inflatable wheel, industrial and mining wheel, iron core rubber wheel, plastic core rubber wheel, aluminum core rubber wheel, plywood rubber wheel, straight hole rubber wheel, dome rubber wheel, flat top rubber wheel, etc.
7. Cast iron wheel: all iron wheel, industrial all iron wheel, round top all iron wheel, flat top iron wheel, pulley, track wheel, gate wheel, etc.
8. Other products: polyolefin, high temperature resistant phenolic wheel, Meili wheel, anti-static wheel, artificial rubber wheel, forging steel wheel, V-groove wheel, PP wheel, PVC wheel, aluminum core wheel, etc.