Good installation and configuration of lifting platform is conducive to production safety


The focus of the installation of lifting platforms is a […]

The focus of the installation of lifting platforms is actually those configurations. If you want to make sure that the whole installation works? Unsurprisingly, first learn how to install it. In fact, the installation of the lifting platform is very simple. If you still have something unclear, take a look at the introduction below.

The lifting platform is located in the cabinet and consists of motor, reducer and gear rack. The gears on the output shaft of the reducer protrude from the box, mesh with the frame installed on the tower, and run up and down with the box. There is a control system in the box, the operator can operate at will.
In order to ensure the safe operation of lifting platform, speed limit brake, travel limit switch, door protection switch, etc. Compared with ordinary elevator gear rack drive, it has the advantages of fast construction speed, fast construction speed, safety and reliability, one-time dual-use, etc.
The attached device can be configured to perform any combination as required, such as a safety device for fixing a hydraulic lift. Electrical control mode; Work platform form; Power supply form. By properly configuring various configurations, the function of elevator can be brought into full play and the effect can be achieved.
Lifting platform can fluctuate up and down, once the accident occurs in high altitude areas, it is difficult for the personnel working in the hydraulic elevator car to escape. Reasonable installation and use of lifting platform, as far as possible to find and solve problems in production, eliminate hidden dangers, ensure the safety of life and property, has become a top priority.
These are some things that can not be ignored in the process of installing hydraulic elevator. If you need more information about lifts and lifting platforms, you can contact us.