Classification and Use of Hydraulic Lifting Platform


Hydraulic lifting platform is divided into: scissors li […]

Hydraulic lifting platform is divided into: scissors lifting platform, aluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platform, cylinder lifting platform, crank-arm lifting platform, fixed lifting platform, mobile lifting platform, stage hydraulic lifting platform loading and unloading platform, etc.
Features of scissors lifting platform: It is mainly used in logistics industry, production line, cargo lifting and handling between basement and floor, also used in lifting stage and lifting operation platform. The product has stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance. Electric Platform Vehicle
Features of stage lifting platform: The hydraulic lifting platform has compact and stable structure and can adapt to high frequency continuous operation. The lifting height is stable and can satisfy the smooth lifting of large tonnage cargo. Hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with anti-attachment and overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure safe operation.
Rollers, balls and turntables of hydraulic lifting platform can be arranged arbitrarily to meet the requirements of different working conditions.
Single-pillar high-altitude platform features: suitable for single climbing operation, single group of high-strength aluminium alloy mast lifting, light weight, good mobility, compact structure, can enter the general elevator car and narrow passage, special mast-to-mast guide device, stable lifting, double protection leg structure, so that high-altitude operation. The platform works safely and can be close to the lifting operation of the working face. Additional accessories: auxiliary devices for portal span and step. Power supply: single AC, DC or AC/DC dual-purpose.
Double mast lifting platform features: suitable for not more than two people at the same time climbing operation, has better bearing capacity, two groups of mast support platform synchronous lifting, integral lifting guardrail device, good strength, easy to assemble and disassemble, the platform can complete assembly or disassembly through a lift, with the same convenience as single mast. It is flexible and has the same leg structure as single-column aerial working platform.
Self-propelled lifting platform features: Battery-driven walking, can control walking and steering on the platform of high-altitude operation platform. At present, it is the most advanced high-altitude working equipment. It can walk at the highest altitude. The pit protection system provides maximum safety, automatic operation and safe ground clearance. It enables indoor operation to be carried out, strong, reliable, easy to maintain, standard accessories, traceless tires, slope alarm, double-wheel speed. Free turn device, charging indicator, timer, emergency descent system.
Hydraulic lifting platform production needs to conform to ISO quality assurance certification system and European EN280 standards, select imported high-quality pumping stations, equipped with high-quality cylinders, design needs to conform to ergonomics design operation platform, hydraulic lifting platform China's production site, Baixi Baidi, introduced advanced British technology production, exquisite technology, set up. Advanced preparation.