Car repair tools


The vehicle repair tool is the necessary material condi […]

The vehicle repair tool is the necessary material condition for the maintenance of the vehicle. Its function is to complete various operations inconvenient for the vehicle repair machinery. In the repair work, whether the tool is used correctly or not is of great significance to improve the work efficiency and the repair quality of the car. Therefore, the repairman must be familiar with the maintenance knowledge of the common tools and tools for automobile repair.
1、 General tools
General tools include hammer, driver, pliers, spanner, etc.
(1) Hand hammer
Hand hammer, consisting of hammer head and handle. The weight of hammerhead is 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg, 1kg, etc. The hammer head has round head and square head. The handle is made of hardwood and is generally 320-350mm long.
(2) Screwdriver
A screwdriver is a tool used to tighten or loosen slotted screws.
The screwdriver is divided into wood handle screwdriver, through center screwdriver, grip screwdriver, cross screwdriver and eccentric screwdriver.
The specifications of the driver (pole length) are: 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm.
When using the screwdriver, it is required that the edge end of the screwdriver should be flush and consistent with the width of the screw groove, and there is no oil stain on the screwdriver. Make the screwdriver mouth completely coincide with the screw slot. After the center line of the screwdriver is concentric with the center line of the screw, turn the screwdriver to tighten or loosen the screw.

(3) Pincers
There are many kinds of pliers. Lithium fish pliers and pointed nose pliers are commonly used in automobile repair.
1. Carp pliers: hold flat or cylindrical parts by hand, and cut off metal with edge.
When using, wipe the grease on the pliers to avoid slipping during operation. After clamping the parts, bend or twist them; when clamping large parts, enlarge the jaw. Do not use pliers to turn bolts or nuts.
2. Pointed nose pliers: used to clamp parts in a narrow place.
(4) Wrench
It is used to fold the bolts and nuts with edges and corners. Open spanner, ring spanner, socket spanner, flexible spanner, torque spanner, pipe spanner and special spanner are commonly used in automobile repair.
1. Open spanner: there are 6 pieces and 8 pieces within the range of opening width of 6-24mm. Suitable for folding bolts and nuts of general standard specifications.
2. Ring spanner: it is suitable for folding bolts or nuts in the range of 5-27 mm. Each set of ring spanner has 6 pieces and 8 pieces.
The two ends of the ring spanner are like sockets, with 12 corners, which can cover the head of the bolt or nut, so it is not easy to slide off when working. Some bolts and nuts are limited by surrounding conditions, and the ring spanner is particularly suitable.
3. Socket wrench: each set has 13 pieces, 17 pieces and 24 pieces. It is suitable for folding some bolts and nuts where the ordinary spanner cannot work due to the limited position. When assembling bolts or nuts, different sleeves and handles can be selected as required.
4. Adjustable spanner: the opening of the spanner can be adjusted freely, which is suitable for irregular bolts or nuts.
When in use, the jaw shall be adjusted to the same width as the opposite side distance of the bolt or nut, and it shall be tightly attached, so that the wrench can move the jaw to bear the thrust, and the fixed jaw to bear the tension.
The length of spanner can be 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 375 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm.
5. Torque wrench: used to fit the socket to tighten the bolt or nut. Torque wrench is indispensable in automobile repair, such as cylinder head bolt, crankshaft bearing bolt, etc. The torque wrench for automobile repair is 2881 nm.
6. Special spanner: or ratchet spanner, which should be used with socket spanner. It is generally used for tightening or disassembling bolts or nuts in narrow places. It can be disassembled or assembled without changing the wrench angle.
2、 Special tools
The special tools commonly used in automobile repair are spark plug sleeve, piston ring loading and unloading pliers, valve spring loading and unloading pliers, grease gun, Jack, etc.
(1) Spark plug sleeve
The spark plug sleeve is used to remove the engine spark plug. The size of the opposite hexagon of the sleeve is 22-26mm, which is used for folding 14mm and 18mm spark plugs; the size of the opposite hexagon of the sleeve is 17mm, which is used for folding 10mm spark plugs.
(2) Piston ring handling pliers
Piston ring loading and unloading pliers are used for loading and unloading engine piston rings to avoid uneven force on the piston rings.
When in use, the piston ring loading and unloading pliers shall be clamped at the opening of the piston ring, the handle shall be held lightly, and the piston ring shall be slowly expanded, and the piston ring shall be installed or removed from the piston ring groove.
(3) Valve spring handling pliers
The valve spring unloader is used to load and unload the valve spring. When using, shrink the jaw to the minimum position, insert it under the valve spring seat, and then rotate the handle. Press the left palm forward firmly to make the jaw close to the spring seat. After loading and unloading the valve lock (PIN), rotate the valve spring loading and unloading handle in the opposite direction and take out the loading and unloading pliers.
(4) And. Thousand yellow oil gun
Grease gun is used for filling grease at each lubricating point, which is composed of oil nozzle, oil pressure valve, plunger, oil inlet hole, rod head, lever, spring, piston rod, etc.
When using the grease gun, put the small grease into the oil storage tank to remove the air. After decoration, tighten the end cover to use. When lubricating grease is applied to the oil nozzle, the oil nozzle shall be aligned without skewing. If there is no oil, stop filling and check whether the oil nozzle is blocked.