Automatic rotary boring structure


structure The automatic rotating boring head is compose […]

The automatic rotating boring head is composed of a pin shaft, a cylinder sleeve, a cylinder, a rotating sleeve, a sliding shaft, a sleeve outer ring, a copper pad, a boring head assembly, a fixing pin, an adjusting shaft, a screw and a gland.
The cylinder is connected with the cylinder sleeve through the pin shaft, and the sleeve is welded integrally with the cylinder sleeve, and is rotated and assembled in the cylinder sleeve. A copper pad is placed on the shoulder of the rotating sleeve to reduce the friction during rotation. Force, the gland is fixed in the cylinder sleeve by screws, the sliding shaft is mounted on the outer end of the piston and passes through the spiral groove of the rotating sleeve and the long groove of the cylinder casing, and the adjusting shaft is inserted into the rotating sleeve and fixed by the fixing pin . The hoe assembly is connected to the adjustment shaft by bolts.

Automatic rotation principle
The screw drive is usually applied to the case where the circular motion is converted into a linear motion, but when the helix angle is larger than the self-locking angle, the linear motion can also be converted into a circular motion. This mechanism evolved according to this principle. This mechanism is not a simple bolt-and-nut transmission structure. In order to make the structure simple and easy to process, the bolt part has been simplified into a sliding shaft, and the nut part is a double-headed spiral sleeve. The tooth shape is rectangular.
When the piston rod is telescoped, the sliding shaft is linearly moved in the long groove of the cylinder casing. Since the sliding shaft passes through the spiral groove of the rotating sleeve at the same time, the axial position of the rotating sleeve is defined by the cylinder sleeve and the gland, that is, the rotating sleeve The axial movement cannot be performed, so the sliding shaft can only drive the rotary sleeve to perform the rotary motion, that is, the linear motion of the sliding shaft is converted into the circular motion of the rotary sleeve, that is, the automatic rotation of the hammer is realized. Since each spiral groove on the rotating sleeve is exactly a half turn spiral, the hoe can be rotated 180 degrees to meet the requirements of use.

Improper operation
Improper use of the tire changer to disassemble or assemble the tire often causes the bead portion of the tire to be deformed or damaged, which may affect the airtightness of the tire or cause the bulge on the sidewall of the tire, and the tire cord of the tire may be broken. scrapped. In addition, the yellow dot of the tire sidewall mark should be aligned with the valve installation, because the yellow dot is the lightest part of the tire circumference, so that the weight of the lead block at the balance point can be reduced when the wheel is balanced.